August 28 All Events

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August 28th, 2008 (August 28 2008)EventSenator Barack Obama, the first major African American to be nominated for president by a major political party, plans on accepting the Democratic Party s nomination in Denver.Barack Obama Quotes
August 28th, 2007 (August 28 2007)DeathArthur Jones, American inventor of the Nautilus exercise machines (born in 1926)
August 28th, 2007 (August 28 2007)DeathHilly Kristal, American Founder of CBGB/Punk rock legend (born in 1932)
August 28th, 2007 (August 28 2007)DeathPaul B. MacCready, Jr., American aeronautical engineer (born in 1925)Ron Paul Quotes
August 28th, 2007 (August 28 2007)DeathAntonio Puerta, Spanish footballer (born in 1984)
August 28th, 2007 (August 28 2007)DeathFrancisco Umbral, Spanish journalist, novelist, biographer and essayist (born in 1935)
August 28th, 2007 (August 28 2007)DeathMiyoshi Umeki, Japanese-born American actress (born in 1929)
August 28th, 2007 (August 28 2007)DeathNikola Nobilo, New Zealand winemaker (born in 1913)
August 28th, 2006 (August 28 2006)DeathBenoit Sauvageau, French Canadian politician (born in 1963)
August 28th, 2006 (August 28 2006)DeathMelvin Schwartz, American physicist, Nobel laureate (born in 1932)
August 28th, 2005 (August 28 2005)DeathJacques Dufilho, French actor (born in 1914)
August 28th, 2005 (August 28 2005)DeathEsther Szekeres, Hungarian mathematician (born in 1910)
August 28th, 2005 (August 28 2005)DeathGeorge Szekeres, Hungarian mathematician (born in 1911)
August 28th, 2003 (August 28 2003)DeathBrian Douglas Wells, American criminal (failed) (born in 1956)
August 28th, 1999 (August 28 1999)BirthPrince Nikolai of Denmark
August 28th, 1998 (August 28 1998)EventPakistan s National Assembly passes a constitutional amendment to make the "Qur an and Sunnah" the "supreme law" but the bill is defeated in the Senate.
August 28th, 1996 (August 28 1996)EventBritons Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales, are divorced.Princess of Wales Diana Quotes
August 28th, 1995 (August 28 1995)DeathEarl Bascom, American rodeo pioneer (born in 1906)
August 28th, 1993 (August 28 1993)DeathWilliam Stafford, American writer (born in 1914)
August 28th, 1991 (August 28 1991)EventUkraine declares its independence from the Soviet Union.
August 28th, 1991 (August 28 1991)EventMikhail Gorbachev resigns from Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party.
August 28th, 1991 (August 28 1991)BirthKyle Massey, American actor
August 28th, 1991 (August 28 1991)BirthSarah Jane Santos, Filipino singer
August 28th, 1990 (August 28 1990)EventIraq declares Kuwait to be its newest province.
August 28th, 1990 (August 28 1990)EventThe Plainfield Tornado: An F5 tornado hits in Plainfield, Illinois, and Joliet, Illinois, killing 28 people.
August 28th, 1990 (August 28 1990)BirthBojan Krkic, Serbian-Spanish footballer
August 28th, 1990 (August 28 1990)DeathWilly Vandersteen, Belgian cartoonist (born in 1913)
August 28th, 1988 (August 28 1988)EventRamstein airshow disaster: Three aircraft of the Frecce Tricolori demonstration team collide and fall into the crowdied in 75 are killed, 346 seriously injured.
August 28th, 1988 (August 28 1988)BirthRay Jones, English footballer (died in 2007)
August 28th, 1988 (August 28 1988)DeathJean Marchand, French Canadian union leader and politician (born in 1918)
August 28th, 1987 (August 28 1987)DeathJohn Huston, American movie director (born in 1906)
August 28th, 1986 (August 28 1986)EventUS Navy officer Jerry A. Whitworth is sentenced to 365 years imprisonment for espionage for the Soviet Union.
August 28th, 1986 (August 28 1986)BirthGilad Shalit, Israeli corporal
August 28th, 1985 (August 28 1985)BirthRalph Woolfolk IV, American actor
August 28th, 1985 (August 28 1985)DeathRuth Gordon, American actress (born in 1896)
August 28th, 1983 (August 28 1983)BirthLasith Malinga, Sri Lankan cricketer
August 28th, 1983 (August 28 1983)BirthAlfonso Herrera, Mexican actor and singer (RBD)
August 28th, 1982 (August 28 1982)EventThe first Gay Games are held in San Francisco.
August 28th, 1982 (August 28 1982)BirthAnderson Silva de Franca, Brazilian footballer
August 28th, 1982 (August 28 1982)BirthLeAnn Rimes, American singer
August 28th, 1982 (August 28 1982)BirthKevin McNaughton, Scottish footballer
August 28th, 1982 (August 28 1982)BirthThiago Motta, Brazilian footballer
August 28th, 1981 (August 28 1981)EventThe National Centers for Disease Control announce a high incidence of Pneumocystis and Kaposi s sarcoma in gay men. Soon, these will be recognized as symptoms of an immune disorder, which will be called AIDS.Tom Ze Quotes
August 28th, 1981 (August 28 1981)BirthMartin Erat, Czech hockey player
August 28th, 1981 (August 28 1981)BirthVaggelis Moras, Greek footballer
August 28th, 1981 (August 28 1981)BirthAgata Wrobel, Polish weightlifter,
August 28th, 1981 (August 28 1981)BirthRaphael Matos, Brazilian racing driver
August 28th, 1981 (August 28 1981)DeathBela Guttman, Hungarian footballer (born in 1900)
August 28th, 1980 (August 28 1980)BirthT.J. Beam, American baseball player
August 28th, 1979 (August 28 1979)EventAn IRA bomb explodes on the Grand Place in Brussels.
August 28th, 1979 (August 28 1979)BirthRobert Hoyzer, German football referee
August 28th, 1979 (August 28 1979)BirthShaila Durcal, Spanish singer
August 28th, 1979 (August 28 1979)BirthKristen Hughes, Australian netballer
August 28th, 1979 (August 28 1979)BirthMarkus Proll, German footballer
August 28th, 1979 (August 28 1979)BirthRuth Riley, American basketball player
August 28th, 1978 (August 28 1978)BirthJess Margera, American drummer (CKY)
August 28th, 1978 (August 28 1978)BirthShaniqua, American wrestling valet
August 28th, 1978 (August 28 1978)DeathRobert Shaw, English actor and writer (born in 1927)
August 28th, 1976 (August 28 1976)DeathAnissa Jones, American actress (born in 1958)
August 28th, 1975 (August 28 1975)BirthJamie Cureton, English footballer
August 28th, 1975 (August 28 1975)BirthGareth Farrelly, Irish footballer
August 28th, 1975 (August 28 1975)DeathFritz Wotruba, Austrian sculptor (born in 1907)
August 28th, 1974 (August 28 1974)BirthJohan Andersson, Swedish game programmer
August 28th, 1974 (August 28 1974)BirthCarsten Jancker, German footballer
August 28th, 1974 (August 28 1974)BirthTakahito Eguchi, Japanese composer
August 28th, 1973 (August 28 1973)BirthMatthew John Armstrong, American actorJohn Armstrong Quotes
August 28th, 1973 (August 28 1973)BirthDJ Assault, American musician
August 28th, 1972 (August 28 1972)BirthJay Witasick, American baseball player
August 28th, 1971 (August 28 1971)EventThe dollar is allowed to float against the yen for the first time.
August 28th, 1971 (August 28 1971)BirthTodd Eldredge, American figure skater
August 28th, 1971 (August 28 1971)BirthJanet Evans, American swimmer Evans Quotes
August 28th, 1971 (August 28 1971)BirthRaul Marquez, Mexican-born American boxer
August 28th, 1971 (August 28 1971)BirthShane Andrews, American baseball player
August 28th, 1970 (August 28 1970)BirthSherrie Austin, Australian actress/singer
August 28th, 1970 (August 28 1970)BirthRick Recht, Jewish singer
August 28th, 1969 (August 28 1969)BirthJason Priestley, Canadian-born actor
August 28th, 1969 (August 28 1969)BirthJack Black, American actor
August 28th, 1969 (August 28 1969)BirthMary McCartney, English photographer
August 28th, 1969 (August 28 1969)BirthPierre Turgeon, French Canadian ice hockey player
August 28th, 1968 (August 28 1968)EventRiots in Chicago, Illinois, during the Democratic National Convention.
August 28th, 1968 (August 28 1968)BirthBilly Boyd, Scottish actor
August 28th, 1967 (August 28 1967)BirthFrederick Kesner, Philippine-born Australian poet
August 28th, 1966 (August 28 1966)BirthPriya Dutt, Indian social worker and politician
August 28th, 1965 (August 28 1965)BirthAmanda Tapping, Canadian actress
August 28th, 1965 (August 28 1965)BirthShania Twain, Canadian singer
August 28th, 1965 (August 28 1965)DeathGiulio Racah, Israeli physicist (born in 1909)
August 28th, 1964 (August 28 1964)EventThe Philadelphia race riot begins.
August 28th, 1963 (August 28 1963)EventDuring a 200,000-person civil rights rally in at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., Martin Luther King, Jr. gives his famous I have a dream speech.Martin Luther Quotes
August 28th, 1963 (August 28 1963)BirthJennifer Coolidge, American actress
August 28th, 1962 (August 28 1962)BirthPaul Allen, English footballer
August 28th, 1962 (August 28 1962)BirthDavid Fincher, American music video and film directorDavid Fincher Quotes
August 28th, 1961 (August 28 1961)EventMotown releases what would be its first number one hit, "Please Mr. Postman" by The Marvelettes.
August 28th, 1961 (August 28 1961)BirthKim Appleby, English singer
August 28th, 1961 (August 28 1961)BirthCliff Benson, American football player
August 28th, 1960 (August 28 1960)BirthEmma Samms, English actress
August 28th, 1959 (August 28 1959)DeathBohuslav Martinu, Czech composer (born in 1890)
August 28th, 1958 (August 28 1958)BirthScott Hamilton, American figure skater
August 28th, 1957 (August 28 1957)BirthDaniel Stern, American actor
August 28th, 1957 (August 28 1957)BirthRick Rossovich, American actor
August 28th, 1955 (August 28 1955)DeathEmmett Till, American civil rights movement icon (born in 1941)
August 28th, 1954 (August 28 1954)BirthGeorge Church, American geneticist
August 28th, 1953 (August 28 1953)EventNippon Television broadcasts Japan s first television show, including its first TV advertisement.
August 28th, 1952 (August 28 1952)BirthRita Dove, American poet
August 28th, 1952 (August 28 1952)BirthWendelin Wiedeking, German businessman
August 28th, 1952 (August 28 1952)BirthGuy Nadon, Canadian actor
August 28th, 1952 (August 28 1952)BirthJacques Chagnon, Canadian politician
August 28th, 1951 (August 28 1951)BirthKeiichi Suzuki, Japanese composer
August 28th, 1951 (August 28 1951)BirthWayne Osmond, American singer (The Osmonds)
August 28th, 1949 (August 28 1949)BirthHugh Cornwell, British musician (The Stranglers)
August 28th, 1949 (August 28 1949)BirthSvetislav Pesic, Serbian basketball player and coach
August 28th, 1948 (August 28 1948)BirthDanny Seraphine, American musician (Chicago)
August 28th, 1947 (August 28 1947)BirthLiza Wang, Hong Kong actressAn Wang Quotes
August 28th, 1947 (August 28 1947)BirthShoto Tanemura, Japanese martial artist Martial Quotes
August 28th, 1947 (August 28 1947)DeathManolete, Spanish bullfighter (born in 1917)
August 28th, 1945 (August 28 1945)BirthRobert Greenwald, American film director/producer
August 28th, 1945 (August 28 1945)BirthBob Segarini, Musician and radio personality
August 28th, 1944 (August 28 1944)EventMarseille and Toulon are liberated.
August 28th, 1944 (August 28 1944)BirthMarianne Heemskerk, Dutch swimmer
August 28th, 1944 (August 28 1944)BirthMelvin Dummar, American claimant to the Howard Hughes estate
August 28th, 1943 (August 28 1943)EventIn Denmark, a general strike against the Nazi occupation is started.
August 28th, 1943 (August 28 1943)BirthDavid Soul, American actor
August 28th, 1943 (August 28 1943)BirthLou Piniella, American baseball manager
August 28th, 1943 (August 28 1943)DeathKing Boris III of Bulgaria (born in 1894)
August 28th, 1942 (August 28 1942)BirthSterling Morrison, American guitarist (The Velvet Underground) (died in 1995)
August 28th, 1941 (August 28 1941)BirthSybille de Selys Longchamps, Belgian aristocrat
August 28th, 1941 (August 28 1941)BirthPaul Plishka, American bass
August 28th, 1940 (August 28 1940)BirthKen Jenkins, American actor
August 28th, 1940 (August 28 1940)BirthRoger Pingeon, French cylist
August 28th, 1940 (August 28 1940)BirthNik Turner, English musician (Hawkwind)
August 28th, 1938 (August 28 1938)BirthPaul Martin, Canadaian politicianPaul Martin Quotes
August 28th, 1938 (August 28 1938)BirthMaurizio Costanzo, Italian television journalist
August 28th, 1937 (August 28 1937)EventToyota Motors becomes an independent company.
August 28th, 1936 (August 28 1936)BirthDon Denkinger, American baseball umpire
August 28th, 1935 (August 28 1935)BirthGilles Rocheleau, French Canadian politician (died in 1998)
August 28th, 1933 (August 28 1933)DeathHelen Dunbar, American actress (born in 1863)
August 28th, 1932 (August 28 1932)BirthAndy Bathgate, Canadian ice hockey player
August 28th, 1931 (August 28 1931)EventFrance and Soviet Union sign a treaty of non-aggression.
August 28th, 1931 (August 28 1931)BirthJohn Shirley-Quirk, English bass-baritone
August 28th, 1931 (August 28 1931)BirthTito Capobianco, Argentinian stage impresario
August 28th, 1930 (August 28 1930)BirthWindsor Davies, British actor
August 28th, 1930 (August 28 1930)BirthBen Gazzara, American actor
August 28th, 1929 (August 28 1929)BirthIstvan Kertesz, Hungarian conductor (died in 1973)
August 28th, 1929 (August 28 1929)BirthKen Gampu, South African actor (died in 2003)
August 28th, 1928 (August 28 1928)BirthF. William Free, American advertising executive (died in 2003)
August 28th, 1925 (August 28 1925)BirthDonald O Connor, American singer, dancer, and actor (died in 2003)
August 28th, 1925 (August 28 1925)BirthBilly Grammer, American country music singer and guitarist
August 28th, 1924 (August 28 1924)EventGeorgian opposition stages the August Uprising against the Soviet Union.
August 28th, 1924 (August 28 1924)BirthJanet Frame, New Zealand author (died in 2004)
August 28th, 1924 (August 28 1924)BirthPeggy Ryan, American actress (died in 2004)
August 28th, 1921 (August 28 1921)BirthFernando Fernan Gomez, Spanish actor, director, academic and playwright (died in 2007)
August 28th, 1921 (August 28 1921)BirthNancy Kulp, American actress (died in 1991)
August 28th, 1920 (August 28 1920)BirthFrits Bernard, pedophile activist (died in 2006)
August 28th, 1919 (August 28 1919)BirthGodfrey Hounsfield, Nobel Laureate (died in 2004)
August 28th, 1917 (August 28 1917)EventTen suffragists are arrested when picketing the White House.
August 28th, 1917 (August 28 1917)BirthJack Kirby, American comic book artist (died in 1994)
August 28th, 1916 (August 28 1916)EventGermany declares war on Romania.
August 28th, 1916 (August 28 1916)EventItaly declares war on Germany.
August 28th, 1916 (August 28 1916)BirthJack Vance, American authorJack Vance Quotes
August 28th, 1916 (August 28 1916)BirthHelene Baillargeon, Quebec singer and folklorist (died in 1997)
August 28th, 1915 (August 28 1915)BirthMax Robertson, British sports commentator
August 28th, 1915 (August 28 1915)BirthTasha Tudor, American illustrator (died in 2008)
August 28th, 1914 (August 28 1914)EventThe Royal Navy beats the German fleet in the Battle of Heligoland Bight.
August 28th, 1914 (August 28 1914)EventGerman troops conquer Namur.
August 28th, 1913 (August 28 1913)EventQueen Wilhelmina opens the Peace Palace in The Hague.
August 28th, 1913 (August 28 1913)BirthRobertson Davies, Canadian writer (died in 1995)
August 28th, 1913 (August 28 1913)BirthRichard Tucker, American tenor (died in 1975)
August 28th, 1913 (August 28 1913)BirthTerence Reese, British bridge player (died in 1996)
August 28th, 1913 (August 28 1913)BirthBoris Pahor, Slovenian writer
August 28th, 1911 (August 28 1911)BirthJoseph Luns, Dutch politician (died in 2002)
August 28th, 1910 (August 28 1910)BirthTjalling Koopmans, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1985)
August 28th, 1908 (August 28 1908)BirthRoger Tory Peterson, American ornithologist (died in 1996)
August 28th, 1907 (August 28 1907)EventUPS is founded by James E. Casey in Seattle, Washington.
August 28th, 1906 (August 28 1906)BirthJohn Betjeman, English poet (died in 1984)John Betjeman Quotes
August 28th, 1904 (August 28 1904)BirthSecondo Campini, Italian jet engine pioneer (died in 1980)
August 28th, 1903 (August 28 1903)BirthBruno Bettelheim, American psychologist (died in 1990)
August 28th, 1903 (August 28 1903)DeathFrederick Law Olmsted, American landscape architect (born in 1822)
August 28th, 1900 (August 28 1900)DeathHenry Sidgwick, English philosopher (born in 1838) Philo Quotes
August 28th, 1899 (August 28 1899)Event122 houses, smelting factory, hospital, many facilities destroyed on hill, cause by heavy rain with debris blow, at Sumitomo Besshi bronze mine erea, Niihama, Shikoku, Japan, at least 512 killed.Tom Ze Quotes
August 28th, 1899 (August 28 1899)BirthCharles Boyer, French actor (died in 1978)
August 28th, 1898 (August 28 1898)EventCaleb Bradham renames his carbonated soft drink "Pepsi-Cola".
August 28th, 1898 (August 28 1898)BirthCharlie Grimm, baseball player (died in 1983)
August 28th, 1894 (August 28 1894)BirthKarl Bohm, Austrian conductor (died in 1981)
August 28th, 1879 (August 28 1879)EventCetshwayo, last king of the Zulus, is captured by the British.
August 28th, 1878 (August 28 1878)BirthGeorge Whipple, American scientist and Nobel laureate (died in 1976)
August 28th, 1867 (August 28 1867)EventThe United States occupies Midway Island.
August 28th, 1867 (August 28 1867)BirthUmberto Giordano, Italian composer (died in 1948)
August 28th, 1862 (August 28 1862)EventSecond Battle of Bull Run, also known as the battle of Second Manassas.
August 28th, 1859 (August 28 1859)EventA geomagnetic storm causes the Aurora Borealis to shine so brightly that it is seen clearly over parts of USA, Europe, and even as further afield as Japan.
August 28th, 1853 (August 28 1853)BirthVladimir Shukhov, Russian engineer and inventor (died in 1939)
August 28th, 1849 (August 28 1849)EventAfter a month-long siege, Venice, which had declared itself independent, surrenders to Austria.
August 28th, 1845 (August 28 1845)EventScientific American magazine publishes its first issue.
August 28th, 1840 (August 28 1840)BirthAlexander Cameron Sim, Scottish merchant (died in 1900)
August 28th, 1839 (August 28 1839)DeathWilliam Smith, English geologist (born in 1769)Will Smith Quotes
August 28th, 1830 (August 28 1830)EventThe Tom Thumb presages the first railway service in the United States.
August 28th, 1827 (August 28 1827)BirthGrand Duchess Catherine Mikhailovna of Russia (died in 1894)
August 28th, 1820 (August 28 1820)DeathAndrew Ellicott, American surveyor (born in 1754)
August 28th, 1818 (August 28 1818)DeathJean Baptiste Pointe du Sable, founder of Chicago
August 28th, 1814 (August 28 1814)BirthSheridan le Fanu, Irish writer (died in 1873)
August 28th, 1805 (August 28 1805)DeathAlexander Carlyle, Scottish church leader (born in 1722)
August 28th, 1801 (August 28 1801)BirthAntoine Augustin Cournot, French mathematician (died in 1877)
August 28th, 1793 (August 28 1793)DeathAdam Philippe, Comte de Custine, French general (executed) (born in 1740)
August 28th, 1789 (August 28 1789)BirthStephanie de Beauharnais, Grand Duchess of Baden (died in 1860)
August 28th, 1785 (August 28 1785)DeathJean-Baptiste Pigalle, French sculptor (born in 1714)
August 28th, 1784 (August 28 1784)DeathJunipero Serra, Spanish missionary (born in 1713)
August 28th, 1777 (August 28 1777)EventBattle of Cooch s Bridge takes place near Newark, Delaware.
August 28th, 1774 (August 28 1774)BirthElizabeth Ann Seton, American-born Catholic saint (died in 1821)
August 28th, 1757 (August 28 1757)DeathDavid Hartley, English philosopher (born in 1705) Philo Quotes
August 28th, 1749 (August 28 1749)BirthJohann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer and scientist (died in 1832)Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Quotes
August 28th, 1714 (August 28 1714)BirthAnthony Ulrich II, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg (died in 1774)
August 28th, 1691 (August 28 1691)BirthElisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, Holy Roman Empire Empress (died in 1750)
August 28th, 1678 (August 28 1678)DeathJohn Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley of Stratton, English soldier (born in 1602)
August 28th, 1667 (August 28 1667)BirthLouise of Mecklenburg-Gustrow, queen of Denmark and Norway (died in 1721)
August 28th, 1654 (August 28 1654)DeathAxel Oxenstierna, Lord High Chancellor of Sweden (born in 1583)
August 28th, 1645 (August 28 1645)DeathHugo Grotius, Dutch philosopher and writer (born in 1583) Philo Quotes
August 28th, 1640 (August 28 1640)EventKing Charles I s English army loses to a Scottish Covenanter force at the Battle of Newburn
August 28th, 1619 (August 28 1619)EventFerdinand II is elected emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
August 28th, 1612 (August 28 1612)BirthMarcus Zuerius van Boxhorn, Dutch scholar (died in 1653)
August 28th, 1609 (August 28 1609)EventHenry Hudson discovers Delaware Bay.
August 28th, 1592 (August 28 1592)BirthGeorge Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, English statesman (died in 1628)
August 28th, 1582 (August 28 1582)BirthTaichang Emperor, of the Ming dynasty of China (died in 1620)
August 28th, 1565 (August 28 1565)EventSt. Augustine, Florida, establishedied in It is the oldest surviving European settlement in the United States.
August 28th, 1542 (August 28 1542)EventReinforced with at least 600 arquebusiers and cavalry, Imam Ahmad Gragn attacks the Portuguese camp in the Battle of Wofla. The Portuguese are scattered, their leader Christovao da Gama captured and afterwards executed.
August 28th, 1521 (August 28 1521)EventThe Ottoman Turks occupy Belgrade.
August 28th, 1511 (August 28 1511)EventPortuguese conquer Malacca.
August 28th, 1481 (August 28 1481)DeathKing Afonso V of Portugal (born in 1432)
August 28th, 1349 (August 28 1349)Event6,000 Jews are killed in Mainz, accused to be the cause of the plague.
August 28th, 1341 (August 28 1341)DeathKing Leo V of Armenia (born in 1309)
August 28th, 1189 (August 28 1189)EventThe Crusaders begin the Siege of Acre under Guy of Lusignan
August 28th, 1025 (August 28 1025)BirthEmperor Go-Reizei of Japan (died in 1068)
August 28th, 0489 (August 28 0489)EventTheodoric, king of the Ostrogoths defeats Odoacer at the Battle of Isonzo, forcing his way into Italy.
August 28th, 0475 (August 28 0475)EventThe Roman general Orestes forces western Roman Emperor Julius Nepos to flee his capital city, Ravenna, and appoints Romulus Augustus, his own son, as emperor.
August 28th, 0430 (August 28 0430)DeathAugustine of Hippo, North African saint and theologian (born in 354) Augustine of Hippo Quotes
August 28th, 0388 (August 28 0388)DeathMagnus Maximus, Roman usurper

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